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Zoom Danny Devito backstage on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Danny Devito backstage on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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So I loved Philadelphia! It was awesome!

I was pretty disappointed with Mac’s Tavern. They only had like 3 things relating to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They also had pictures of The Gang at the bar during opening night, but besides that, it was just a regular bar. If Mac and Dee partially owned my bar, I would embrace the opportunity and have shit from the show everywhere and get props and everything.

The food wasn’t that good and they didn’t even have any of the meals named from the show. One or two meals had Mac’s name in it, but that was it. They could have had Milksteak and eggs or jellybeans in a slice of cheesecake for desert or something. That place was a real let down.

Other than that, we had a lot of fun. We also went into New Jersey to go to White Castle and then made a stop in Red Bank to visit Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash comic book store. Now it’s time to get back on that work grind. Sigh.

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Sorry I haven’t posted much. I’m about to leave with my girlfriend to go to Philadelphia for Memorial Day! I haven’t been there before and I’m really looking forward to it. The first place I’m going is Mac’s Tavern. Partially owned by Mac and Dee! I’ll take some photos of the place for you guys.

Everyone have a fun Memorial Day weekend! 

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